Due Diligence and
Quality Contol Reviews

Recovco offers due diligence services to assist clients in better understanding the underlying assets and the inherent risks associated with various loan types and asset classes.

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Services include:

Due Diligence Reviews

- Review origination files against seller guidelines and verify income, assets, DTI, employment and occupancy status
- Verify regulatory compliance including federal, state, and local regulations
- Data to tape discrepancy review
- Confirm QM/ATR compliance
- Identify unforeseen risks
- Highlight potential fraud
- Exception clearing and tracking
- Provide Rating Agency grading,data, and narratives

NPL / RPL Legacy Asset Reviews

- Review and provide servicing comment summaries
- Review payment histories
- Analyze foreclosure documents
- Complete historical compliance review
- Review bankruptcy documents
- Perform modification reviews
- Determine borrower ability and willingness to repay
- Analyze and summarize servicing advances
- Assist with interim servicing functions

Quality Control

- Pre-Post funding QC
- QM, QRM, and ATR reviews
- Underwriting standards and decisions
- Review policies and procedures (internal and external)
- Compliance reverification (e.g., RESPA, REG Z, TILA, TRID)
- Fraud and Verfication Secondary Product Tests